Gabriel Macht photographed by Jack Guy

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N → nice try…but no
"It’s the age of celebrity. It’s the age of social media. But for we old school girls who don’t want to show up at every single event just ‘cause… I don’t tweet–I have nothing to say. I’m not on Facebook. I mean it sounds like I have plenty to say, but that’s to people who I’m in a room with. I’m not that interesting, and the rest is none of your business." - Gina Torres

Anonymous asked:
"Hey do you know a fanfic based on the pineapple scene? by the way awesome blog and awesome sidebar. xx"

This adorable one definitely comes to mind. I also wrote one ages ago here, there’s also this short and sweet comment fic. I feel like there’s gotta be more out there, so if anybody else knows, feel free to send a link my way.

Anonymous asked:
"oh, that makes sense. i guess i was just thinking that it's harder for people to find your gifs on your blog. anyway, didn't want to sound rude or anything. i think your blog is top notch, the #1 suits blog in my opinion."

Thanks so much, and no worries, definitely didn’t sound rude at all. The thought of people using the tag to specifically find my gifs never crossed my mind, actually! Not a bad idea! :)

Anonymous asked:
"I know your stuff has been reposted before so, I'm curious what are your thoughts about reposters and what do you normally do if people repost your stuff?"

Reposters suck, and I’m not talking about somebody who finds something through Google or even Satan’s website weheartit and unknowingly reposts it, but people who purposely yank entire gif sets/edits and repost them as their own. That’s a really shitty thing to do.

As far as what I do when people repost my stuff? Absolutely nothing. I realized a while back that it’s easier for me to just let it go than to deal with a confrontation about it.

Anonymous asked:
"how come you don't tag your gifs with like 'mine' or something so people know you've made them?"

I guess I kind of figure if people see it’s a post I made and not reblogged from somewhere they’ll work out that I made them so I can forgo the tag.